What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas: Tuesday Tips With Frank

Frank Mayfield

For those of us who were fortunate enough to have attended Autodesk University last week in Las Vegas, today is our second day back to reality. If you’re anything like me, you’re no doubt energized, excited, and looking forward to applying some newly found knowledge to your real job.

The AU experience has often been described as “drinking from a firehose.” There is so much information, and it comes at you so fast. Class sessions range from deep, deep dives into products via labs or technical discussions, to the more lighthearted, but still educational tips and tricks presentations. If you’re one of the nearly 10,000 attendees who are enjoying their second day back at work, take a deep breath, and try out something you just learned.

Have You Heard the Good News?

But what about all the others who couldn’t make it to AU? No doubt to this point all I’ve done is make you jealous. But there is good news for you too. Most AU sessions are recorded and available for free (yes, free!) from AU online. You can browse classes by topic, product, or industry. This year’s selections should become available soon.

Once you land on the overview page, you can dig even deeper for exactly the content you need. Click on the link that reads “Browse more from AU 2017 Las Vegas.” From here, you can filter for software, language, conference year, and even conference location. (Did you know that AU is held in other countries throughout the year?) You can even search for keywords to find exactly what you want.

Viva Las Vegas

You did notice I said this was free? What a great deal, and possibly one of the more valuable tips I’ve supplied in this series. You can access and learn from AU content year-round without having to deal with all that annoying glitz and glamour that is Las Vegas. Umm… just kidding. Attending any AU, especially the main event in Las Vegas is something every Autodesk software user should do at least once. In fact, you can start the process of convincing your boss to send you next year with this handy cost calculator and sample email provided by Autodesk University.

So, what happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas – at least when it comes to Autodesk learning. Whether you’re one of the lucky ones who is just back from AU, or someone who aspires to attend in the future, you can still get in on the benefits of all the shared expertise by making use of free AU online classes. And be sure to check out the AutoCAD blog’s “Best of AU 2017” series featuring not-to-miss AU 2017 videos, too. More for 2018 will be coming soon!

More Tuesday Tips

Check out our whole Tuesday Tips series for ideas on how to make AutoCAD work for you. Do you have any favorite AutoCAD tips? Tell us in the comments!

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